I am a child/family psychologist specializing in gender identity and sexuality concerns. I work primarily with transgender and gender diverse people of all ages and their partners and family members. I have expertise working with people of all ages who are exploring or dealing with issues related to sexuality. I also help clients to reconcile their spirituality with their sexuality and/or gender. I have over nine years of clinical experience.

The types of clinical services I typically provide are:

  • Gender Journey: Group Therapy for Youth  
  • Consultation related to gender and/or sexuality issues
  • Assessments for gender related medical treatment (puberty blockers, hormone treatment, surgical treatment)
  • Letters
    • for safe passage as well as travel
    • in support of obtaining legal name/gender marker changes
    • to support clients in their school or work setting
    • in support of accessing medically necessary medical and surgical care.

As I am currently in medical school, my practice operates on a part-time basis, with mostly evening and weekend appointments. My office is located at 3418 Mercer Street, Houston, TX. I offer most services via HIPAA compliant videoconference, but do occasionally see clients in the Houston office. I do not take insurance. For inquiries or to schedule an appointment, contact the office administrator, Chris, at 713-961-0651, and press 0 to leave a message for me.